Tea Parties (2015)

January 01, 2018

It all started with a small act of kindness; our youth wanted to host a tea party to raise funds in order to buy gifts for children at the Calderdale Royal Hospital. This was an idea that stemmed from our beloved student who was a cancer patient therefore he was regularly attending appointments at the hospital. His fellow class mates wanted to spread some happiness and joy to others like Ali Raja who also had to spend lots of time away from their school and friends so we used the money raised from the tea parties and gifted them with toys, iPads and lots of love and well wishes to help bring a smile to their faces!

Car Wash (February 2015)

February 02, 2015

Members of Team Unique wanted to spend a day in the community, raising funds for someone close to their hearts. Young people got together and raised as much money as they could by having a charity car wash. In total they managed to raise a whopping £1200 - that's a lot of clean cars! 


The group decided to use the money they raised to have a water well constructed in the South of the Philippines in memory of Ali Raja. This was a monumental tribute by an inspirational group of young people and a sign of things to come. 

Snowdon Summit (2016)

January 01, 2020

Following the success of previous charity endeavours, Team Unique wanted to move onto bigger and more challenging projects so the team decided to trek up Mount Snowdon - the highest mountain in Wales! UC3 braved the new experience by going up as a group of 120 people from our local community in Halifax and we managed to raise a staggering £21,000!! An AMAZING achievement by the team and a very memorable adventure! 

Bucket Collections (2016)

June 02, 2016

What better way to raise awareness and attract more supporters and volunteers than reaching out to our local and well known communities? 30 members of Team Unique took to the streets of Halifax, Bradford and Manchester to inspire others to take part in our projects and donate towards all of our work in Pakistan and Syria. We spent lots of time speaking to the general public and in doing so we managed to raise £3000 which was used to provide humanitarian aid in Pakistan and Syria. 

(December 2016) Halifax Academy Visit to Pakistan

January 01, 2020



The UC3 staff travelled out to Nowshera, Pakistan where they carried out aid work and gave donations on behalf of the Halifax Academy. They visited a number of organisations including Alubadia Orphanage Education Centre, St Joseph's Hospice Raazi Hospital and a SOS Centre for children. The staff bought paint, carpets and other materials which they used to transform the most run down orphanage.

(June 2017) Community Iftar

January 01, 2020

Halifax Academy hosted the first community Iftar during Ramadan 2015. This was a sold out event, and enjoyed by all those that attended. This event included a three course meal, a presentation evening about UC3's journey so far and the opportunity to sponsor an Orphan. Over 100 Orphans received a sponsor and further money raised was donated to the Alubadia Orphanage Education Centre and aid for Palestine.

(July 2017) Conquering Ben Nevis

January 01, 2020

Over 100 people consisting of Halifax Academy students, staff and local members of the community travelled to Scotland to conquer England's highest mountain. This time we raised £10,000 for Orphans and Street Children and constructing water pumps in the most deprived villages in Pakistan.

(July 2017) Mount Toubkal

January 01, 2020

48 hours after conquering Ben Nevis some of the UC3 Team participated in an event organised by Al Ajar Foundation and a local Mosque. The team travelled to Morrocco and treked up Mount Toubkal, at 4,167 meters it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. A staggering £43,000 was raised by all those involved! Whilst out there the UC3 team visited The Hope Hospital, a centre for abandoned babies, they made a donation and are hoping to help this organisation further in the future.

(October 2017) Burma Emergency Appeal

January 01, 2020

Students from the Halifax Academy hosted a five day football tournament for the local community. Tournaments took place between students in the school and for the finale staff from Halifax Academy were against the Halifax  Hammers (a local team) and the local Council, even the Mayor played! Over £2,000 was raised and a member of UC3 on the ground in Burma distributed the aid to those in desperate need.

(December 2017) Manchester Soup Kitchen:

January 01, 2020

Students spent an evening in Manchester handing out food to the homeless on behalf of UC3.

(December 2017) UC3 founders visit Pakistan

January 01, 2020

This was an incredibly special trip as students who helped create the UC3 Project got the opportunity to travel to Pakistan and see firsthand how their initial dream has made a difference to the lives of others. The team visited a number of Orphanages, providing the children with sporting equipment and stationary, they organised a mobile Soup Kitchen, travelling to different Orphanages to provide the children with meals and delivered food packs to the most needy in the slum areas of Pakistan. The team also spent a couple of days with Street Children and the CPC Centre, gaining an insight into the devastating lives these children are forced to live.

(January 2018) Justice for Zainab Appeal:

January 01, 2020

UC3 teamed up with Smile Aid and selected 40 schools in Kasur and surrounding areas, totalling 10,000 children. These children received stationary and educational gift packs as well as Personal Safety Education and UK Certified First Aid Education, providing them with the vital education on how to safeguard themselves against abuse, abduction and exploitation.

(17th January 2018) Officially Registered!

January 01, 2020

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